Dear Sensei BAD(Betty Dodson), what an enchanted afternoon in your company, sharing stories and tincture, teaching and learning, a promenade in the park, and a banquet of delicacies among the chic and cultured. I want to praise you for embracing risk, for lowering your defense shield, and allowing yourself to contemplate a novel perspective on sexuality composed of the hormone saga, the brain memorandum, and the semen monologues. You gave me time for my voice and guided me about how to make it more understandable. These opportunities are invaluable for both of us as we learn more about what and how we teach. As we become better teachers we become better learners, for us, this is a never-ending cycle of growth and repair fueled by our insatiable curiosity and tempered by our similar and disparate beliefs. And so, in honor of your question about the gonad-brain connection, here is a vista…

The brain, the center of our nervous system, is a marvelous organ that processes all the stimuli that comes in through our senses, dreams, and imagination. It also exerts centralized control over all our major organs by orchestrating the secretion of chemicals called hormones. The brain floats in a protective fluid that also cleans and stabilizes its functions. This important fluid is called cerebrospinal fluid(CSF) and it contains about 15 of the same ingredients found in male semen and about 6 ingredients(known to date) found in female sex fluid.

The brain(actually, the little gland inside the brain called the choroid plexus does this) produces, circulates, and finally eliminates as waste about ¾ quart of CSF daily. The brain, the male prostate-seminal vesicles, and the female paraurethral glands make their respective fluids by extracting these ingredients from blood. Therefore, in this way, the brain and these sex glands act as competitors(the competition being more intense for males) both laying claim to a similar menu of indispensable ingredients. Generally, this competition is balanced whereby the brain and sex glands have access to enough ingredients to elaborate their respective fluids.

Now, bring in the consummate ejaculator. Excessive withdrawal of semen from the body drastically shakes up this balance. The resulting increased demand for nutrients by the sex glands to replenish the lost semen leaves fewer nutrients available in the blood for the brain. Think of two neighboring farmers extracting water from the same stream. For years they live in harmony with balanced usage of water. Then one farmer decides to expand his crop production and consistently diverts more water to his crops. The other farmer, suffering from a shortage of water, sadly watches as his crops wilt and die.
Let’s revisit what Tissot said about how excessive ejaculation leads to a slew of maladies: “reduction of memory, nervous disorders, headaches”- possibly resulting from impairment of brain function as explained above- “weakening of the organs of generation”- resulting from impairment of sex gland function(hypoactivity) due to a chronic deficiency of key ingredients for their proper function-“gout” -change of levels of certain ingredients in the blood- “rheumatism”- malfunction of immune system, thymus gland, possibly due to imbalance of key ingredients in the blood.

So, are men ejaculating themselves to the point of becoming morons, misfits, demented, prematurely-aging, handicapped human beings? Is all their ‘cumming’ putting them on the road to becoming idiots? Yes and no. No because it is impossible to label uncontrolled ejaculation as the chief culprit weakening men hormonally, mentally, and physically given the numerous nature and nurture factors affecting health over people’s lifetimes. Yes, because frequent ejaculation stresses the brain and sex glands to the point of chronic exhaustion which over time depresses brain function and degenerates the physical body.
The Taoists use the ‘.2’ formula. Multiply your age by .2 and you get the days of rest needed between ejaculations for the body to replenish the lost supplies of vital nutrients. This is very important for people of all ages, but especially for adolescents who are in the process of growing into their adult bodies. For them, frequent ejaculation compromises the development of their nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems. And for couples considering raising a family, 2-7 days of abstinence in between ejaculations are recommended in order to get more ‘bang for the buck’.
Your grasshopper WAK

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