This new ‘sexual manifesto’ opens up a transformational and rejuvenating perspective on the practice of masturbation, and our sexuality in general. The integrity of the endocrine, muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems are linked to how we exercise our sexuality. We also can become conscious ‘channelers’ of sexual energy during our erotic activities. This pleasurable and invigorating energy is channeled along the spinal cord, into the brain, and ultimately through the energy centers called chakras associated with the endocrine glands. These are topics discussed in detail in my books as well as in my upcoming blogs.
For many of us conditioned by Western precepts on sexuality, much of this may sound dogmatic and obstructive of our birthright to experience orgasmic bliss and sexual freedom. After all, to work deliciously hard to reach the threshold of our anticipated sexual crescendo but then hold back from letting it happen is like having the conductor of an orchestra directing the musicians to pack up their instruments and forgo playing the finale of the symphony. Not much of a crowd-pleaser to say the least.
My thirty-five years of practicing Eastern sexual doctrine has proven to be just the opposite. In terms of my physical stamina, vigor, joie de vivre, health, and self-esteem, and while advancing in age into the realm of the sixties, I feel forever young and sexually ‘hot’. Sex for me is a fountain of youth, a source of potent ‘jolts’ to body and mind, and a rejuvenator of spirit, soul, and heart. Sex is beauty, the aesthetic I see in myself and in everyone and everything. The orgasm, call it the ‘orgasm of living’, never stops, it is seen and felt in every breath, every move, every thought.

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