“This book takes another look at this most marvelous aspect of humanity-our sexuality-from a synthesis of ancient Taoist-Hindu wisdom and modern medical knowledge that together reveal a knowledgeable practice of our sexuality is just as important as diet and regular physical exercise for long, healthy lives. The Rejuvenating Power of Masturbation is an affirmation of the innate potential within us all to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual well-being throughout our lifetimes via a knowledgeable practice of our sexuality. No other book on the market today represents such a vital contribution to our understanding of sexuality while presenting an invitation to expand the parameters of the norm by cutting away the restrictions of convention and the limitations of habit.”

Comments about Tea and Tincture and more…

“When I mentioned that I would savor the experience of reading your new e-book one page at a time, I thought I would be reading a few pages a day. I did, in fact, savor each page, but I didn’t anticipate that I would finish reading it so soon.  I finished reading your eloquent book this afternoon.  

The format of the dialogue between you and Betty is a wonderful way to share your journey.  You cultivated an extraordinary relationship with Betty.  We are also beneficiaries of the knowledge, wisdom, and heart-felt connection you and Betty have gained. I’m honored to witness your journey with Betty and to see how both of you have grown and expanded your journeys. 

As I read your book, I became aware of another healing property of your work. Healing others from the addiction to feeling that they are not good enough. This addiction is often fueled by certain religious dogmas and practices as well as Big Pharma.

Your work with RPM and your personal journey can serve as antidote to the addiction to feeling bad.  Instead of fueling a bad feeling inside, you start by connecting loving energy to every cell of the body. You cultivate a connection with our mind, body, and spirit with our Loving God. You gently allow our bodies to heal naturally and even thrive and rejuvenate; it’s not only about healing and surviving, it’s about thriving.   Living life with inner harmony and universal connection. Living with joy and bliss. We have heard it said many times:  ‘The Spirit of God is within.’  Truly loving our neighbor as ourselves can be realized because we know that we love ourselves.”  

Dear C, Beautiful words from a beautiful mind from a beautiful man. You indelibly embellish and ‘spiritualize’ this journey with your participation and heartfelt words, treasures that illuminate the path inward and onward. Really the RPM is all about love, love that blossoms within mind and body; flowering as understanding, appreciation, and empathy; becoming fecund as wisdom. The pinnacle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs- self-actualization- is more a euphemism for self-love. When we love ourselves in body, mind, and spirit we become one with the Universe, with God, with humanity, with nature. We shed the veil of want and don the habit of giving.

This book takes another look at this most marvelous aspect of humanity-our sexuality-from a synthesis of ancient Taoist-Hindu wisdom

“This book takes another look at this most marvelous aspect of humanity-our sexuality-from a synthesis of ancient Taoist-Hindu wisdom and modern medical knowledge that together reveal a knowledgeable practice of our sexuality is just as important as diet and regular physical exercise for long, healthy lives. The Rejuvenating Power of Masturbation is an affirmation of the innate potential within us all to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual well-being throughout our lifetimes via a knowledgeable practice of our sexuality. No other book on the market today represents such a vital contribution to our understanding of sexuality while presenting an invitation to expand the parameters of the norm by cutting away the restrictions of convention and the limitations of habit.”

Sexual re-creation

Sexual energy is creation in so many amazing forms: Procreation, Recreation, Re-creation. It’s the ultimate creative energy that can be mindfully cultivated to produce loving relationships including love of self.

I am immensely happy that you initiated this Meetup group Physical Consciousness Raising. I can envision incredible energy transformations resulting from this group. I am very proud of you for continuing to expand the RPM journey. 

Intimacy before an athletic event

Greetings Courtney(reporter for Bustle Magazine), I’m Dr. William Kolbe, author of “The Rejuvenating Power of Masturbation” (www.therpom.com ). First, let’s come to terms with ‘intimacy’ which I refer to as solo and paired sexual activity. That having been said, let’s also look at intimacy in terms of its process and finale. Solo and paired sex produces marvelous responses in the body: increased heartbeat and respiration, stimulation of the entire nervous system(neuromuscular energy flows throughout the body producing feelings of bliss, well-being, and euphoria), and stimulation of the endocrine system( the stimulated pituitary sends target hormones to the thyroid, adrenals, and sex glands). The pituitary, our master endocrine gland, ‘mandates’ the sex glands to step up production of our sex hormones, testosterone and estrogen, which are vital for the function and integrity of our muscular, skeletal, and cardiovascular systems. Therefore, intimacy before an athletic event can be a performance enhancer; however, there is a caveat. Full body orgasms accompanied by ejaculation(especially for males) is a high energy-consuming event requiring a substantial refractory period to replenish both the lost fluids and the expended energy. However, by edging orgasms, that is repeatedly getting to the threshold of spasm but holding back, one can become invigorated and vitalized capitalizing on stimulated nervous, endocrine, and cardiovascular systems. Incidentally, martial artists can enhance both the force of their punches and their resistance to physical blows by using the latter technique, often mentioned in Qi-gong literature as Wai Dan and Nei Dan.

I feel energized and healed

Dear Dr. Kolbe, What a great read.  Thanks for making it available. I first encountered this topic in my twenties with Mantak Chia’s book. But semen retention was a difficult task back then! Now in my fifties and facing down a very difficult cancer, this process has become much more relevant.  For sure now I have to carefully manage my energy, and I know that if I release it, I’m down for days, and if I preserve it and pull it back into my body I feel energized and healed.  I would bet I’m still alive partly due to this. Very important in your book you point out that sexuality is as important as diet and exercise.  I will take that to heart and be more serious with my practices!  Also, I think your book is unique in promoting solo practice.  All the other literature seems to imply you are unclean if you don’t do this with a partner, which I think would be impractical.  Surely the monks throughout the world and throughout the centuries have masturbated their way to enlightenment.

Experiencing a boost in health and healing

“This is a very interesting topic to me.  I believe my practices so far of long masturbating sessions without ejaculating have boosted my health tremendously.  It feels like I can draw the energy into me and use it for healing.  I have been looking for more resources on the topic, very difficult to find, so I am happy I found your program on the Michael Blum show.”

Love, freedom, and compassion are the antidotes to fear, control, and judgment.

Wow, again I am awestruck with the elegance and heartfelt truthfulness of your comments about things-are-beautiful-if-you-love- them on Betty’s blog. Love, freedom, and compassion are the antidotes to fear, control, and judgment. When one is not afraid to appreciate and love anything that is beautiful within creation, one can truly live in the flow of life. There are so many messages in the culture that expect us to be fearful of not being fearful.  I know, to be afraid of not being afraid, seems ridiculous. In my mind, one of the ultimate signs of a confident man, is to be able to appreciate and acknowledge the beatify of women and men. If I cannot see the beautify of own gender, than how can one think and feel that they have something wonderful to offer to the other gender. Numerous studies have shown that the most homophobic men are the ones who struggle the most with homosexual feelings. On the contrary, men who can confidently admire the physique of another man, are the ones most comfortable in their own skin and have capacity to relate and connect with women and friends. Dr. Kolbe, I admire your forthrightness to adding this post to Betty’s blog. It is further evidence of your confidence and authenticity. I hope you aware that your body is a living tabernacle of the most high. Every part of your body and your being is a living sculpture. Your heart and mind elevate the experiences of humanity is the most important calling you can engage in. Thank you again,  for spreading the  ultimate goodness of life-force energy with full Union of mind, body, and spirit . Living as if all our our souls are  connected  is a very joyful way to live. Please take some extra time to appreciate yourself and your wonderful mission”’

The wisdom of RPM

“Your recent RPM Forum post is, once again, rich in content and more evidence for the wisdom of RPM. Every week I become aware of the truth of your work and the reality of your whole-hearted holiness. Even with my consistent mention of the word holy, I do not mean to diminish the benefits of living on the edge. While pushing our comfort zones we become more courageous and vulnerable which extinguishes the fear of being naughty. I like how you continue to help me and others open our minds.”

A steadfast dedication to the RPM

“Yes, I guess you could say I have found a steadfast dedication to RPM. I probably mentioned this before but it has changed the way I view masturbation, my body and myself. Being this is my birthday week, last night I enjoyed another RPM session with myself. It was wonderful. I try to think of words to describe it, all I can think of words like so loving, so wonderfully beautiful, and the enjoyment of my life…My sessions are getting better, much better, maybe flowing, not sure how to describe it. My semen control and hold is much much better. My view and practice with masturbation has become more spiritual, deserving, and loving. Funny how I am soon to be 56 and wonder how I would be feeling if I had started semen retention when I was in my 20′s.”

RPM has given me a feeling of re-birth

“To be honest and maybe I mentioned this, the topic of masturbation when growing up was always taboo, against religion, at least as a catholic. For me even into adulthood there is the occasional guilt. RPM really has given me a feeling of re-birth of my well-being. More so then ever I now feel it’s OK to make or have a healthy time, when I know I’m going to free my body from the binding of clothing and to knowingly take notice and feel an uninhibited experience with my sexual body through sexual health. I’m going to enjoy my genitals. I’m going to enjoy who I am. I’m going to love-thy-self, I’m going to experience this love as long as I want until I feel healthily satisfied. I know this is good for me. I love saying this!”


“I’m over a month[exercising a la RPM] and feeling wonderful. Things are working wonderfully and I’m starting to see some slow progress at lasting longer. I’ve been doing a zillion kegels, am edging when I consciously masturbate, and the other morning didn’t even push myself over the edge.  All victories.”

Sensate focus and confidence

“Hi Bila and Betty. Thank you so sincerely for your time and insight. Above all, I feel great about myself, as time devoted to self-improvement and discipline building generally provides. My erectile problems are a thing of the past. What a wonderful pleasure. I’ve been working on my kegels daily, and have been consciously masturbating and edging when I self-pleasure. Yesterday I went out and bought a container of coconut oil, which is why I’m writing this morning. It blows my mind that that’s what masturbation can feel like. There’s something fantastic about the way the oil seems to make the soft or hairless spots come alive sensually. The middle of the underside of my penis was a place I never knew I loved so much.  The use of the oil, kegels, and very relaxed touching had me really sensate focused. Little bits of progress go a long way and I’m feeling very confident in my calmer less impulsive/compulsive sexuality. Thanks for the support.” 

RPM has made a positive impact in my sexual health

“Masturbation has been fantastic and mostly always is focusing and implementing the Taoist Masturbation and Meditation methods that I have learned from RPM. It really has made a positive impact in my masturbation life and sexual health. Masturbation is always a celebration to take part in for me. Once I always needed pornography for visual stimulation, when now all I need is my self-awareness of my body and where my mind takes me. I become amazed with my enjoyment experiencing self-love and my ability to give myself so much healthy sexual energy throughout my body. It would be so great to find and join a group discussion regarding RPM experiences. When I find the opportunity, I enjoy expressing to others about RPM and how it’s has changed my outlook about masturbation, a whole different approach, spiritual  medication and visualizing of inner energies, my reasons for semen retention , even how I learned and created a blend of essential oils focused to my astrological sign that will enhance my male sexual being. With all of this I refer them to your research with RPM and to your internet site.”

the RPM helps us become the best version of ourselves

“Your explanation of  how sexual arousal and activity is linked to stimulation of the nervous system, the brain, and the endocrine system reinforces the scientific benefits of sexual activity. To optimize brain function by balancing our hormone production is a practical way to improve one’s health. We can all be personally accountable for this activity for our own health and well being which transfers into loving and kind energy towards anyone in our path. Your dedication to ‘getting the word out’ about the generative potentials of our sexuality especially in terms of promoting our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being is the key for anyone who desires to become the best version of themselves. You continue to deepen my awareness of the rich benefits of RPM. Thank you for continuing to raises this awareness for humankind.”

Sensate focus in mindful self-loving

The  article about being  thankful for acts of self-love is rich beyond words.   You beautifully describe the many elements of sensate  focus involved in mindful self-loving.   This deliberate, slow approach to self-pleasuring unfolds into an attitude of blissful gratitude.   I can see how communion with nature and the spiritual energy of the universe happens with the grateful  self-loving.     I will reread this article over and over again  and take a deep breath and thank your for sharing it with RPM and beyond.

An inspiring voice in the community

“Thank you very much for your terrific thoughts, they are inspiring, helpful, you are a down to earth, inspiring voice in the community, in an area normally shrouded in mystery or opacity or superficiality in method or material available. Everything you do is engaging, and that makes understanding or learning about what you do, interesting and pleasant.”

RPM enhances my enthusiasm for life

“I recently watched your DVD on RPM and appreciated it on a deeper level than my first viewing awhile ago. I could feel the energy and enthusiasm in your voice. It was as if electrical pathways were being opened up in me as I listened to you. I am going to make it a practice to view your RPM video at least once a month. I see it as a practice to reinforce the learning, to deepen my awareness of the truth you reveal, and enhance my enthusiasm for life. I am so happy you created this DVD and authored your book.”

Reconciling Spirituality and Sensuality

“You extinguish the false dichotomy of spiritual vs. sensual, professional vs. primitive, of giving vs. receiving.  You embrace all of these concepts in harmony. You are a highly educated, professional, polite, articulate man while you fully embrace the primitive aspects of your sensory experiences of deep breathing, nakedness, edging, and ecstasy.   The ecstasy you seek and enjoy for yourself and others is both spiritual and sensual. Your work is vitally important for the evolution of humanity.  By awakening the truth in people, I believe you can sow seeds of enlightenment and allow for germination to unfold gently, naturally, and exponentially.”

Very informative

“I´ve read your book and found it very informative, it shows you to keep in mind the forest instead of looking only at a single tree, by looking at various traditions instead of one. I also like that it´s written by a normal, down to earth person, as opposed to an expert, someone who´s worked a day job as a teacher, it makes the material accessible and informal.”

Holiness-the courage to live and love whole-heartedly

“Dr. Kolbe, when I see your name in my email in-box I think, a message from a very holy man is inside the email. Holiness is never self-righteous, in my mind, it is the courage to live and love whole-heartedly for yourself and those who are blessed to be in your presence.”

An excellent job

“Just a note to let you know I ordered your book and have been thoroughly enjoying it. I, too, am a life-long masturbator/edger, and am very familiar with the topics covered in your book. You did an excellent job, and I’m about to recommend it to friends of mine who seem to have trouble in understanding my semen-retention practices, etc.”

A combination of science and spirituality – an eye opener!

“We all know that sex sells! But as a society, we don’t seem to know anything about sexuality beyond the surface of this multifaceted topic. This fantastic book takes the reader on a scientific and spiritual journey into sexuality. More specifically, it looks at the benefits of a healthy and consistent sex life and how an individual’s inner systems all profit from such a lifestyle. At the same time, the book helps remove the stigma over the topic of masturbation by helping to create a much needed discourse on the subject. Research shows that women are far less comfortable then men speaking of masturbation or performing the act itself. Dr. William Kolbe takes an interesting approach to this topic by providing both scientific backing for the positive effects of masturbation (such as increasing the strength of your immune system) as well as a spiritual guide to masturbatory practices itself. Reading the book, and even more so, providing a discussion on the book will open up much needed conversation amongst the masses. I recommend this book without reservation to anyone interested in exploring sexuality as an individual or on a larger societal scale.”

Self-pleasure that invigorates and prolongs our lives

This book is a quick read so before judging it by its title, one might read it and then fathom whether the messages contained therein give you new insight into the practice of masturbation. One might initially sense that the book simply extols the virtue of masturbation as a healthy human exercise and perhaps if that is all that one gets from it, then the subject matter has in fact proved to be beneficial. Having read it several times, the deeper meaning rooted primarily in Eastern cultures and practices, reveals how we can incorporate self-pleasure with a method that invigorates and may even prolong our respective lives in a healthy and beneficial manner, both physically and spiritually speaking. Try not to get hung up on many foreign sounding or ancient acronyms and words, do not be too intimidated by the scientific explanations, and forego your temptation to say to yourself, “I could never do that”. Try it and if you have questions or difficulties with the technique, contact the author directly who would be happy to field serious inquiries. Read it with an open mind/spirit.”


“I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in longevity…. enjoy…….”

Highly recommended

“Dr. Kolbe presents a unique perspective on a taboo topic. I especially liked the link between traditional philosophies and our own sexuality. A quick read [easily covered in one 2 hour session], for anyone interested in further exploring and understanding their own sexuality. Highly recommended.”

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