“Hi Bila and Betty. Thank you so sincerely for your time and insight. Above all, I feel great about myself, as time devoted to self-improvement and discipline building generally provides. My erectile problems are a thing of the past. What a wonderful pleasure. I’ve been working on my kegels daily, and have been consciously masturbating and edging when I self-pleasure. Yesterday I went out and bought a container of coconut oil, which is why I’m writing this morning. It blows my mind that that’s what masturbation can feel like. There’s something fantastic about the way the oil seems to make the soft or hairless spots come alive sensually. The middle of the underside of my penis was a place I never knew I loved so much.  The use of the oil, kegels, and very relaxed touching had me really sensate focused. Little bits of progress go a long way and I’m feeling very confident in my calmer less impulsive/compulsive sexuality. Thanks for the support.”