Regardless of our opinions concerning ‘intelligent design’ or evolution vs. involution of the human species, we are faced with many enigmatic questions about the miraculous workings of our bodies. For example, science is just beginning to recognize how our microbiomes (the huge array of micro-organisms our bodies harbor inside and outside),  especially our gut microbiota, has been linked to a plethora of mental and physical conditions such as autism, diabetes, anxiety, obesity, and even how well we sleep.

Just as compelling a topic is our sexuality, unequivocally a venerated foundation of our species that embraces a spectrum of functions including reproduction, gratification, bond-forming, as well as physical and mental well-being. With regard to the former function, reproduction, I want to share some perspectives with you.

We all know that when sperm and egg combine, amazing processes occur which eventually culminate in the gestation and birth of a child. In most cases, and under the right conditions, a single episode of sexual intercourse is enough to procreate our species. The average worldwide fertility rate presently is just above 2 per woman per lifetime, meaning only a small portion of our lives is dedicated to this most sacrosanct power. So, what about all the ‘down time’ when we’re not procreating?

Raja Yoga, Buddhism, Egyptians, Jews (Kabbalah), Greeks (NeoPlatonists/Gnostics) and Alchemists (Middle Ages) all considered this question and shed light on the regenerative or transformative potentials of our sexuality. It was held that in certain cases the mortal man might even be transformed into a god by means of the efficient employment of the Power of Regeneration (Egyptians). Adam and Eve represented the male and female human beings as they were originally; these beings were destined to live forever, their Creative Energy being constantly turned inward in the processes of Regeneration (Kaballah).

Part of this regenerative paradigm for males becomes even clearer when semen is understood as a pure and robust elixir containing vitamins, minerals, aminoacids, enzymes, trace elements, brain nutrients, and cancer-fighting agents. In modern terms, we host our own ‘24/7 pharmacy’ constantly dispensing vital prescriptions bolstering health, vitality, and vigor throughout our lifetimes. May you all live long and prosper…

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