Wow, again I am awestruck with the elegance and heartfelt truthfulness of your comments about things-are-beautiful-if-you-love- them on Betty’s blog. Love, freedom, and compassion are the antidotes to fear, control, and judgment. When one is not afraid to appreciate and love anything that is beautiful within creation, one can truly live in the flow of life. There are so many messages in the culture that expect us to be fearful of not being fearful.  I know, to be afraid of not being afraid, seems ridiculous. In my mind, one of the ultimate signs of a confident man, is to be able to appreciate and acknowledge the beatify of women and men. If I cannot see the beautify of own gender, than how can one think and feel that they have something wonderful to offer to the other gender. Numerous studies have shown that the most homophobic men are the ones who struggle the most with homosexual feelings. On the contrary, men who can confidently admire the physique of another man, are the ones most comfortable in their own skin and have capacity to relate and connect with women and friends. Dr. Kolbe, I admire your forthrightness to adding this post to Betty’s blog. It is further evidence of your confidence and authenticity. I hope you aware that your body is a living tabernacle of the most high. Every part of your body and your being is a living sculpture. Your heart and mind elevate the experiences of humanity is the most important calling you can engage in. Thank you again,  for spreading the  ultimate goodness of life-force energy with full Union of mind, body, and spirit . Living as if all our our souls are  connected  is a very joyful way to live. Please take some extra time to appreciate yourself and your wonderful mission”’

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