Dear BAD Sensei, OK, here goes a blog on valley orgasms, expanding our sexual repertoire. Please pass this on to Carlin for her consideration. I’m open to any suggestions and always in admiration of your meritorious mission promoting open dialogue concerning our sexuality.“Something you probably weren’t taught about sex and didn’t ask either”Recently, Betty and Carlin discussed on Youtube the notion of swallowing semen. Aficionados of fellatio and orgasming into a receptive mouth received advice centered on how to deal with semen’s distinct flavor and getting around the gag reflex in order to smoothen the swallowing process. After all, oral sex is erotic and keeping the eroticism in sex is paramount for living an enjoyable, robust sex life. However, should fellatio and all our sex acts necessarily culminate with ejaculation? There’s no need to pontificate here on how babies are made or how good solo and paired sex feels. My own adolescent sex education began with flipping through pages of Playboy and Penthouse fortuitously found while on the job cleaning apartments and feeling those pleasant tumescent changes in the groin area. Then, by the time I was 17 and ready to leave home for college, my dad popped me with a book, a Catholic primer on sex, and in his infinite wisdom he told me, “Read this and don’t get a girl pregnant.” Yea, I got it, sex feels good and it’s a means for human reproduction. Well, with that sexual politic firmly entrenched in my psyche, little wonder I didn’t have my first sexual tryst until later in my senior year. With my hormones now red-lining, I became the consummate masturbator, humping my mattress, having sex dreams, and doing whatever possible to bring myself to orgasm. However, by the time I was twenty-six and initiating my second tour with the Peace Corps in El Salvador, I discovered the third perspective on sex that shook my epicurean foundations and forced me to rethink my own sexuality. There’s another function of sex that few of us are aware of, that’s not covered in high school sex education classes, that’s not promoted by doctors or sex therapists, but that is inextricably linked to our health and longevity. Sex, beyond being our means for procreation and sensual recreation, is our manifest destiny in terms of maintaining our health over our lifetimes. Our sex glands are considered the master glands of our endocrine system alongside the miraculous pituitary. Our sex glands have the power to fortify or debilitate our bodies and brains. They are the makers of powerful hormones impacting the integrity of our muscular and skeletal systems, brain function, and even behavior. Interestingly semen has a long list of ingredients including cancer-fighting agents, trace elements, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and numerous compounds that are vital for our overall health and the proper functioning of our other endocrines(pituitary, pineal, thyroid, thymus, adrenals, pancreas, sex glands) and brain.So, should all our sex acts necessarily terminate with ejaculation? To this, I am a naysayer. Why? Because when the sex glands are excessively enticed to withdraw semen during peak orgasm, then there results a chronic deficiency in the bloodstream of the nutrients required by the other endocrines to make their respective hormones. And, even the brain suffers as a result of sexual gluttony since it can’t readily find the available nutrients to make its precious cerebrospinal fluid, the liquid that protects and enables the brain to function properly. This certainly gives new meaning to the expression ‘fucking your brains out’. Sexual excess simply makes us dumber and physically weaker.My advice here, supported by millennia of ancient Taoist and Hindu doctrine and modern medical research, is to expand our sexual repertoire to include valley orgasms, arriving and staying at the sensual threshold prior to spasm, as opposed to always getting to peak or full-body orgasms. By periodically refraining from ejaculating, you are invigorating your body with sexual energy, and allowing it to absorb those vital nutrients that otherwise would be lost to the detriment of the other endocrines and the brain. With valley orgasms, the body doesn’t have to work extra to extract nutrients from the bloodstream in order to replenish the lost semen. Also, your pleasurable sex acts last longer without the down time or refractory period resulting from peaking.So, double your pleasure, and double your fun, mixing valley and peak orgasms in your sexual practices. Not only will you and your significant other reap the benefits, but so will your body and brain.Dr. William ‘Bila’ Kolbe

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