I received a most interesting question from a man who steadfastly practices semen retention and was debating with his wife(he is open to the possibility) of having his wife source semen from another younger male. The answer below helped them resolve the issue by exploring ‘edging orgasms’ in lieu of always seeking the more explosive full body orgasms.

Semen is made in the body through a process of filtering nutrients out of our bloodstream and storing this as a fluid in the prostate gland(males also have the seminal vesicles and the Cowper’s gland), host to a large array of vital nutrients shared by the other endocrines and the nervous system.  Many women have a gland homologous to the male prostate; however, there is great variance in its appearance anatomically and chemical contents. There is also variability in female ‘ejacutation’, where a sexual fluid is involved similar to male semen in composition(see assay below) but distinct from vaginal lubricating fluid and urine.

What I am getting at is this: semen has a function in our lives that goes beyond procreation and recreation. Semen is a fluid produced by a vital member of our endocrine system- the sex glands. Ejaculation and ejacutation, although being highly pleasurable, have their corresponding deficit-creating effects on the other endocrines and the brain. Sex has the potential, better than any other form of exercise or super multivitamin, to fortify and rejuvenate the body and mind when we understand the inner workings of our bodies and avoid adopting conventional methods of sexual practice and gratification. 

My premise is that males and females have repositories for semen, and, this semen is beneficially linked to  endocrine function, brain/nervous system function, and cardiovascular health. Add to this that male and female sex glands produce testosterone and estrogen, then we have fairly sound reasons for males and females to ‘edge orgasms’ and reap the benefits of absorbing these vital nutrients.

I would suggest your wife need not seek an outside source of semen. Instead your solo and paired sexual activity should provide ample opportunity for restoration, rejuvenation, as well as  many fringe benefits.

Female semen: urea, creatinine, prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP), prostate specific antigen (PSA), glucose and fructose, amino acids, proteins, enzyme PDE5(sexual arousal) and MMP involved in bone marrow function and cardiovascular health