Edging orgasms, also known as valley orgasms, is a practice analogous to starting a fire with kindling and gradually adding more firewood in order to create the desired amount of light and heat without losing control of the fire. Touching our erogenous zones, stimulating the flow of sexual energy throughout our bodies, feeling the increase in respiration and heart rates, becoming immersed in the growing neuromuscular euphoria brings us right up to the threshold of full-body orgasm and spasm, in other words, ‘the edge’. Edging orgasms is prolonging and controlling the waves of sexual energy emanating from the genitals and cruising throughout the body, an exercise that taps into the marvelous processes our bodies undergo during sexual stimulation.

Think of edging orgasms as prioritizing enjoyment of the journey over reaching the destination, or, that the light is in the tunnel not at the end. The vehicle for this journey is ‘sensate focus’, a mindful approach by which we are self-monitoring our sexual practice and the heightening sexual energy. Edging orgasms allows us to benefit from the resulting stimulation of the major endocrine axis(pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, and sex glands), the entire nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as rousing the production of endorphins and dopamine, plus vitalizing our immune system. Alongside other forms of aerobic and resistance exercises, I believe edging orgasms should be considered a superb comprehensive means for developing and maintaining our physical, mental, and emotional health over our lifetimes.

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