“When I mentioned that I would savor the experience of reading your new e-book one page at a time, I thought I would be reading a few pages a day. I did, in fact, savor each page, but I didn’t anticipate that I would finish reading it so soon.  I finished reading your eloquent book this afternoon.  

The format of the dialogue between you and Betty is a wonderful way to share your journey.  You cultivated an extraordinary relationship with Betty.  We are also beneficiaries of the knowledge, wisdom, and heart-felt connection you and Betty have gained. I’m honored to witness your journey with Betty and to see how both of you have grown and expanded your journeys. 

As I read your book, I became aware of another healing property of your work. Healing others from the addiction to feeling that they are not good enough. This addiction is often fueled by certain religious dogmas and practices as well as Big Pharma.

Your work with RPM and your personal journey can serve as antidote to the addiction to feeling bad.  Instead of fueling a bad feeling inside, you start by connecting loving energy to every cell of the body. You cultivate a connection with our mind, body, and spirit with our Loving God. You gently allow our bodies to heal naturally and even thrive and rejuvenate; it’s not only about healing and surviving, it’s about thriving.   Living life with inner harmony and universal connection. Living with joy and bliss. We have heard it said many times:  ‘The Spirit of God is within.’  Truly loving our neighbor as ourselves can be realized because we know that we love ourselves.”  

Dear C, Beautiful words from a beautiful mind from a beautiful man. You indelibly embellish and ‘spiritualize’ this journey with your participation and heartfelt words, treasures that illuminate the path inward and onward. Really the RPM is all about love, love that blossoms within mind and body; flowering as understanding, appreciation, and empathy; becoming fecund as wisdom. The pinnacle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs- self-actualization- is more a euphemism for self-love. When we love ourselves in body, mind, and spirit we become one with the Universe, with God, with humanity, with nature. We shed the veil of want and don the habit of giving.

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