Dear Herb, congratulations and my sincere gratitude for being the first to respond to my blog. Thank you for your eloquently stated comments.1. “ejaculate…in order to keep the sexual machinery clean and refreshed.”
“Have you become a materialist and reductionist?” No, I am using the word ‘machinery’ in vernacular terms, not to be taken literally.
2. “I consider myself an organism enlivened with spirit and consciousness, and in an organism nothing can be treated like a machine.” I am not suggesting we treat our bodies/organisms as machines; on the contrary, from an analogical perspective combining biology and physics, many of our organic functions can be construed as having analogous mechanical functioning. Just look at the valves of the heart, skeletal joints, our cherished erections, and female lubrication!
3. “Sexuality for me is an expression of me as a person and as such it directs me to the other, not to my pleasure or my health.” How can you differentiate you as a person from your pleasure and your health? Our sexuality is fundamental for our health given that our sex glands are considered, along with the pituitary gland, the master glands of the endocrine system responsible for the balanced functioning of the entire endocrine system and its integral relationship with our immune, nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems.
4.”Why do you think that the Coptic Greek Bible is more original than all the other translations?” My point is that the Coptic Greek version has undergone fewer alterations that more modern versions, especially the King James edition.
5. “What is the Greek term for “distilling”? I was given La Biblia de Jerusalén, a translation of the Bible from Coptic Greek into Spanish, from the Archbishop of El Salvador when I approached him with questions involving Eastern sexuality. The term used in Leviticus 15 was destilar, meaning to distill.
6. What does it mean to “distill semen”? For anyone who has read of alchemical procedures dating back to the ancient Taoists and including the medieval alchemists, distilling semen is warming the semen inside its hermetically sealed vesicle(the sex glands)and absorbing its essence.
7. “What is a “withdrawal of essence”? ( are referring to “essence” vs. “existence”?) Essence is semen and withdrawal is ejaculation.
8.”is ‘withdrawal of essence’ the same as having an orgasm? Then there is a contradiction in the Taoist position.” Not necessarily, orgasm and ejaculation are not necessarily synchronous or synonymous. Refer to the term ‘valley orgasm’ or ‘superior orgasm’. (a term coined by the Taoist sexologist Dr. Stephen Chang)
9.”Sperm is produced in the testicles and matures and is stored in the Epididymus, not in the prostate gland.” Yes, male semen is produced in the prostate, seminal vesicles, and Cowper’s gland, and, both sperm and semen are reabsorbed into the bloodstream when one is not ejaculating.
10.”homologous” , do you mean homological? I did mean homologous. See this definition:
homologous /hɒˈmɒləgəs/ ▶adjective: having the same relation, relative position, structure, or evolutionary origin.
11. “Ejacutation”, I could not find this in the Oxford dictionary.” It is a new term created by sexologists to contrast and compare with male ejaculation.
12. “How can the female sexual fluid be similar to male semen in composition although it does not contain any sperm?” Female sexual fluid(you can see a full list of ingredients in my ebook)has many of the same components(phosphates, sodium, potassium, prostate specific antigen, chlorine, creatinine, etc.) as male semen except the sperm; therefore, it is frequently referenced as female semen.
13″Semen is not produced by the sex glands, i.e. the testicles. Semen is about 60% produced by the seminal vesicle and about 20% by the prostate gland (an alkaline fluid.)” The male sex glands are actually a collection of glands in the male sexual anatomy that include the prostate and testicles. I am including the seminal vesicles and Cowper’s glands as part of the male sex glands.
14. “I don’t know it is proven that this 80% of seminal fluid has any invigorating effect on the brain.” I don’t know where you got the 80% figure or that seminal fluid has an invigorating effect on the brain. You are misquoting me here. What has an invigorating effect on the brain is sexual energy which stimulates 5 areas of the brain including the visual, emotional, sexual arousal and activity areas. Cerebrospinal fluid has many of the same components as semen; therefore, excessive withdrawal by the sex glands of semen impacts the availability of specific nutrients in the blood for the choroid plexus in the brain to elaborate CSF.
15. “It is just there to make the sperm move and survive.” Partially correct. Yes, semen is a transport medium and food source for sperm thus enhancing the effectiveness of the fertilization process. However, since sperm/semen is rarely used for fertilization purposes during a man’s lifetime, what are their other biological attributes and functions? Semen has an elaborate menu of vital nutrients including 2 cancer-fighting agents, hormones, minerals, vitamins, nucleoproteins, etc. Semen also has several phosphates and lecithin which are fundamental components for the functioning of the thyroid, adrenals, testicles, and ovaries. The Taoists knew for millennia that the sex glands have the ability to enhance or destroy the balanced functioning of the endocrine system. This is confirmed by modern medicine. Dr. Raymond Bernard is one medical authority who has written extensively on this subject.
Herb, thank you again for responding to me and I look forward to more dialogue over these truly important themes.

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